Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Releasse 2 - Add a Starting Kit for AFrame web VR

AFrame web VR is really attractive.

I spend several days on playing with all the API's that aframe provide me.

There are a lot of open source project that already made by other developers.

The animation they made are soooooo attractive.

For example:


The 360 Image is also really good:

I learned a lot from other people's code.

Finally, I make my own Starting Kit based on their example, and I also add some advance features:

Please go and play with it: A-Frame web VR

It doesn't look that fancy, but I think it is easier for a beginner to understand.

I also saw other people made a Starting Kit for AFrame, too.

However, I'm prode to say that mind is much better the old one.

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