Thursday, 9 February 2017

Lab3 first issue(#1608)

This bug become the most challenge bug I have ever fixed.
I spend the first week on hosting thimble on my own laptop.
The I started working on AFrame VR on the second week.
In the beginning, I am working on two issues with AFrame VR.
I have no idea which one I can fix.

On this Tuesday, my prof suggested me to switch to another topic because I might not be able to finish this bug before Friday.
However, I am sooooo interested in VR topics so I kept working on my issues.

I finally fixed one of my issues tonight, so I am writing my blog here.
Issue 1608:
Here is the detail of my issue: #1608.

The problem I have and how I fix it:
The first problem I have to solve is how to reproduce the bug on my device.
I published a sample VR website on thimble, and I successfully reproduced the bug on my phone and Lenovo pad.
However, I cannot debug on my phone or pad.
When I comes to my laptop, the remix button just jump to the top of the webpage, so there is no bug anymore.
I use the Chrome web debugger to find out which div I want to find.
I find the right div and the right css class.
There is a certain class called touch-mode that determine where the remix button is.
I spend 6 hours on try to reinstall thimble on my pad but I failed.
I finally find out that Chrome debugger could change the css directly.
I tested my change on the chrome and push the new branch on to github.

Here is my pull request:#1724

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